20 New Hardcore Dirty Talk Ideas and Examples

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I’ve had so much fun with this hardcore dirty talk guide that lately I’ve been taking some of the ideas and ‘personalizing them’ to test them out. I’ll share them below!

All I can tell you is my man doesn’t know if he’s coming (ha ha) or going!

Ive concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the sooner you use some hardcore dirty talk on your lover, the sooner you’ll discover a side to him you never expected in your wildest dreams. (A very spicy side at that!!) ;-)

No matter who you are or who your man is… the fact remains that ALL men love hardcore dirty talk…. And you CAN deliver.

I know if you’re a newbie at all this, it’s a bit intimidating so in this case, just start small with a few “harmless” compliments and build up.

Not only will this get you used to being a little more ‘vocal’ it’ll lift his ego and that is the key.

Once you make him feel powerful in his big head, it’ll have an amazing affect on his ‘little head’ as well!!

With all this spark in your love life and the “spike” in his performance, you’ll know I’m right and before too long you’ll be longing to spice things up and really see what he’s made of!

The best part of all this is he’ll discover the naughty side of you and love the fact that you are his vixen-like new woman!! ;-)

I wont tell you YET… I’d like you to share your results after you try a few out and leave me a comment below!!

To get more ideas similar to these… check out the dirty talk guide and get all the bonuses too.

In this awesome guide you’ll find other hardcore dirty talk phrases as well, but you’ll be able to tailor them to add even more zap!

First… here’s a few of my all-time faves!

1) I’m so wet thinking about sliding your cock into me

2) I want you to fill me with your dick

3) Stretch my tight pussy over your cock

4) Fill me with your cum

5) I want your mushroom head in my pussy

6) Be my dildo

7) Fuck my pussy as hard as you can

8.) I just want to be locked together with you

9) Your dick is so huge tonight

10) I need to feel you explode into me

11) I want you to make me scream

12) Hurt me with your swollen cock

13) Empty your balls into me

14) Thrust your manhood into me

15) I want your glistening cock to teach me a lesson

16) Put your purple cock in my hole

17) I need you in me

18) I’ve been fingering my hole all day thinking about you

19) I want to milk your dick with my pussy

20) Bury your cock as deep as you can

If you liked these ideas, you simply must check out this Hardcore Dirty Talk Guide. I can guarantee you there is no better investment to be made than the ones you can make into your love life.

It’s often the glue that holds relationships together… like it or not!

In this awesome guide, there’s a whole bunch of bonuses for things other than hardcore dirty talk that will keep him hard all day by just thinking about you.

My husband came home the other day as hard as a rock just thinking about the night before and told me he hasn’t been this horny in weeks. :-) We have a pretty strong sex-life too!

Try this guide out… CLICK HERE. It’s where I got all my new ideas.

It’ll keep you on his mind all day long and you’ll reap the benefits as well as him! ;-)

This is a newer site, but I really want it to be interactive. I want to know which Hardcore Dirty Talk phrases worked for you… AND I’d like you to share ideas as well. Get involved. We’re all girls!! (maybe we are anyway)… if there’s any men amongst us, then PLEASE SPILL THE BEANS AND MAKE SUGGESTIONS!! We’re open to suggestions!!

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Vera June 23, 2011 at 6:50 pm

OK #3 & #4 did it for me… and him. Great list.


Julie June 23, 2011 at 7:14 pm

ok, some of these are tough to say but I loved reading the list. They are something to work up to if I can find it in me. The one I would love 2 say #19 but I might be able to pull off #17. I’ll practice I guess :-)


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