10 Ways to Please Your Man in Bed

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10 ways to please your man in bed

Knowing a few simple ways to please your man in bed, can do wonders for your relationship, not only the one behind closed doors but can create refreshed warmth to your relationship around the clock.

You see, (and I know I have said this before), sex is important and a healthy sexual relationship is particularly important for men (even more so than women in my opinion).

Men look forward to a healthy sex life and frankly, in my humble opinion they should… and so should you.

Like I say, having a healthy sex life can make the world of difference to your every day relationship and the sooner you can understand the importance, and put effort into pleasing your man in bed, the sooner you will notice an even closer relationship than you ever thought possible. It really does make the world of difference.

Here are 10 simple ways to please your man in bed.

I urge you to try them and take note of the results. (Then feel free to share them to let me/us know all the positives you notice in his demeanour).

1) Always make time to place a high priority on intimacy with your partner. I now that sometimes we women feel tired and may not necessarily feel in the mood, but take my advice, make the time and show some enthusiasm. After all, even if you are exhausted, chances are ‘it’ won’t take long… and if you let yourself relax and go with it, you’ll probably enjoy it too.

2) Make your man feel special. Let him know how much you appreciate him. (And again, even if you don’t feel like it, smile and participate with a little added enthusiasm. (He loves to feel needed).

3) While in the ‘act’ rub your hands over his back, heck and arms… let him know you love the feel of his body. This affection will be so appreciated. You’ll be amazed how far this goes.

4) Tell him he feels soooo good and tell him you’ve been looking forward to him ALL day…. (Even if you’re telling a white lie). This will make him feel proud and really boost his ego (both in his big head… as well as his little one likes to feel needed and missed)

5) Grab his butt and gently squeeze it. Make the ‘mmmmm’ sound as you do so.

6) Pinch his nipples. (not hard, just so he feels it)…or suck on them and nibble on he ends). Men’s nipples are just as sensitive as woman’s. You WILL get a reaction.

7) Run your fingers through is hair and stare him square in the eyes. He’ll love your confidence. Men love a confident woman so even if you don’t overly comfortable, force yourself to do it.

8.) Rub your hands over your own body and privates too. Men love this! Watching a woman fondle herself is like teasing a tethered horse. Stare at him with a sexy smile while doing so.

9) Go ‘down’ on him, even if you don’t enjoy it… (I don’t… but some women do). Just give him a nibble for even a few minutes….. He’ll thank you in ways you never thought possible.

10) Throw in a little dirty talk too. If you’re inexperienced, start mildly by telling him you want his body, or moan. For more ideas dirt talk, click here. This has been one of my number one resources and has paid for itself ten times over … or more. :-)

Now you’re obviously reading this post because you know that a ‘Horny man is a Happy Man” particularly if he knows he’s going to get the ‘action’ he wants.  When I started using Dirty Talk… I can’t begin to tell you how his libido exploded.  No only was he ‘harder than a rock’ he liked showing me how well  he could use it too.  :-)

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